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Rebbetzin Esti’s oldest son was born with profound physical and mental disabilities. Since his birth 19 years ago, Rebbetzin Esti has made it her life’s work to dismantle the barriers, the difficult emotions, and the stereotypes that often pervade communal discourse surrounding disability. She has become both a representative and an advocate for families with disabled children within her community, increasing their visibility and giving voice to their everyday struggles.  

This representation and advocacy has been at the forefront of Rebbetzin Esti’s teachings, and she has led the way for the inclusive and empathetic view of disabilities within the jewish community.  

In 2021, in conjunction with senior rabbinic figures in England and Israel, Rebbetzin Esti composed a unique prayer – a modern version of the traditional blessing given to children on Erev Yom Kippur, worded specifically for the parents of disabled children. This prayer went viral across Jewish communities everywhere, and has been adopted and recited by thousands of parents and grandparents around the world.  

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